Happy Halloween from the American Revolution!!

Nov 02

Happy Halloween from the American Revolution!!

Do you know Schoolhouse Rock? When we were doing K12 (for about the first 3 weeks of school), Alex read a little book called Sam the Minuteman

. After reading it, I got out our neglected copy and played “The Shot Heard Round the World.” I had no idea what I was getting into. The kids were so fascinated that we’ve been studying the American Revolution ever since and, now that I discovered the et = ”
_blank”>complete lyrics they pretty much have that song memorized (along with most of the other Schoolhouse Rock songs). In fact, when I put Evelyn to bed tonight, she insisted that I sing the “bring you blankie, bring your son” song.

Since Alex has been begging me to teach him how to sew, a few weeks ago I showed the kids how to make their own tricorn hats. I got them started and read out loud to them from Alex laying down with his light wooden and plastic musket

Allison dressed in her Georgian era ghost

The three kids in their revolutionary war costumes

I bought this 1780s portrait dress pattern

to use for the girls’ dresses and mostly improvised on Alex’s costume. My plan is that the girls will be able to wear the dresses again with solid-colored sashes (they really are pretty dresses) In fact, I’m think different colored sashes for the seasons? Alex wore his church shirt and soccer socks, but I made the shorts, vest and hat so it was too terrible time consuming. The shorts are cotton so I can pull the elastic out of the legs and dye them if I’m feeling ambitious one day.

Alex’s musket is the coolest part of the outfit, if I say so myself. After planning how I was going to make his clothing, he kept asking about the gun and I realized I was missing something vital. In searching the internet, I stumbled across Ghost Alex and his musket

Evelyn wouldn't face me but you can see all three kids costumes.

It was fun but I never want to see white makeup or hairspray again! Happy Halloween everyone!!

  • Tiffany

    I love this idea!! You’re sooo creative and what lucky kids to have their mom make their costumes! :) You’re super amazing Caren!

    • Anonymous

      You’re so sweet, thanks! I think this was the most fun Halloween yet.