An Angry Birds Party

Jul 26

Last Christmas, I stumbled across these awesome fleece Angry birds

at the last minute. I didn’t have any fleece nor time to run to a fabric store, so I whipped up a couple out of felt and gave them to Peter for Christmas. They got such a good reaction that I wanted to make the rest and do it right and make them out of fleece.

Of course, we definitely needed a cake to go with the theme. I thought about this one for a while. Peter’s favorite cake is German Chocolate and I thought a German chocolate cake cooked in a bunt pan would look at least vaguely like a nest… right, right? Work with me here. Allison and I made our birds and pigs out of rice-crispy treats covered in white chocolate. Fondant might have been prettier, but then no one would have wanted to eat them. (Ick) They actually turned out pretty tasty. The only problem was that we used candy for the extremities and discovered that Air Heads and white chocolate just don’t taste all that good together. I should have stuck to royal icing. We filled the nest with leftover hollow chocolate eggs from Easter.

Of course, we had to have yummy food that at least sort of went with the theme. Bacon-wrapped chicken skewers and deviled eggs to the rescue. Does that seem kind of sick to you? Oh, well, at least it tasted good.

We also made balloons with angry bird faces, which I failed to take pictures of. There are a lot of other great ideas for angry bird decor on the web, but I had a limited amount of time as the kids and I tried to keep it all hidden from their daddy. (He might of suspected, though.)