Progress in Evelyn’s Room

Nov 15

Progress in Evelyn’s Room

Shortly before we moved, I discovered Knock-Off wood and decided that Evelyn needed a new toddler bed

. Had I known that things would shortly get as crazy as they did, I would have waited but, as it was, I decided to give it a try and get her crib mattress off the floor. It went well, even if took forever to build with a hammer and nails. (I’ve since acquired a chop saw and nail gun that would have sped up the process considerably)

I decided to go with an antiqued finish. I wanted to use some butterfly fabric that I had original purchased (and not used) for Allison and I matched the darker paint to a deep green in the fabric. This finish was a LOT of work. I have a great deal of respect for those who do it on a larger piece of furniture. Primer, then two coats of the green and two coats of the white, sanding off the white (which took forever) and then using polyurethane, which I did way too sloppily because I wanted it finished. But I still love it! It only cost about $25 to make and the thing is SOLID. I can sit on it with her and feel perfectly comfortable, which never happened with our previous toddler bed.

Then I bought fabric for her bedding. I have to confess that, while I love sewing, it really doesn’t save money the way building your own furniture does. I think I spent about $50-60 on fabric. Yes, I have some leftover for other small projects but still. Shouldn’t the bed cost more than the bedding? I started the sewing before we moved but only got partway finished, packed it away in a tote so it would be readily accessible and let it sit for the last 5 months. Evelyn was using a red sheet, blue blanket and cherry-printed pillowcase. And yes, that’s why I’m only just now taking pictures of the finished bed. It didn’t match well with either the wall color or the bed itself. But today, I finally broke out the sewing machine and finished it.

And Evelyn refuses to sleep without her old blanket and pillow.